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Haulage Contractors - Operating in London, Kent, Essex and Surrey.

Waste Removal, Muck Away – Site Clearance Services

Lock Bros (Haulage) Ltd specialise in haulage and excavation, muck away, aggregate deliveries, waste disposal and demolition clearance.

We have the knowledge and expertise to handle all kinds of waste management and site clearance projects. A full range site clearance services are available to customers who require removal and recycling of waste material by a licensed carrier.We offer comprehensive waste removal services to sites located in London and Greater London, Essex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

Lock Brothers have a fleet of 10 vehicles that are used for site clearance. We are experienced in handling all kinds of waste removal - Inert Muck Away, Non-hazardous Muck Away and Hazardous Muck Away.Lock Brothers follow strict environmental policies and are able to give customers the assurance that waste is recycled in the most environmentally friendly and cost effective way through our Recycling Partners.

Inert Muck Away Lock Brothers have the knowledge and expertise to provide an efficient service for removal of inert (clean, uncontaminated) Muck Away from land clearance and demolition projects.Our fleet of vehicles, including tipper and grab lorries are used to remove waste materials from site and take them to licensed transfer stations for recycling.We are committed to providing an environmentally friendly service, ensuring that materials collected are recycled, sorted, graded and whenever possible reprocessed for re-use.

Non-Hazardous Muck Away

Lock Brothers will handle all kinds of non-hazardous site clearances including the removal of Japanese Knotweed and other invasive weeds. Invasive weeds are a serious problem to developers.

We are willing to work to your management plans to ensure that the problem is dealt with properly. Lock Brothers are licensed carriers and can guarantee that all off site disposal of treated waste goes to a licensed landfill site.

The control and management Japanese Knotweed has to be taken seriously as the extensive damage the plant can cause is well documented. Japanese Knotweed shoots can push through tarmac and damage pavements and building foundations.

The Environment Agency have produced guidance on how to deal with Japanese Knotweed, a non-native invasive plant species. The guidance gives information on how to manage, destroy and dispose of the plant. The Environment Agency also has fact sheets covering some of the other main invasive species in England and Wales.


Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, it is an offense to plant or otherwise cause the species to grow in the wild. Japanese Knotweed is also classed as controlled waste under the Environmental Protection Act1990 and must therefore be disposed of safely at a licensed landfill site according to the Environmental Protection Act (Duty of Care) Regulations 1991.

The presence of the plant on a development site can lead to significant delays in a project if not dealt with effectively. It is important to prevent Japanese knotweed from spreading contamination around the site.

If soil has been treated and is free from Japanese knotweed contamination and suitable for use, it can be reused on site without the need for a waste management licence or an exemption. However, if taken off site, this material must be disposed of in a landfill by a licensed contractor.

If you are concerned you may have Japanese Knotweed on your site:

  • DO NOT disturb contaminated ground or soil or allow unauthorised persons to cut or pull up the plant or remove any part of the plant or contaminated soil from the site.
  • Isolate contaminated areas with fencing and put up a restricted access sign.
  • Make sure all vehicles used to transport infested soils are thoroughly pressure-washed in a designated wash-down area before being used for other work.
  • Use a registered waste carrier such as Lock Brothers to remove treated soil for disposal off site.

Lock Brothers, as site clearance contractors, are aware of the importance of dealing with this problem in accordance with current Environment Agency guidance.

Hazardous Muck Away

Lock Brothers provide a Hazardous Muck Away Service to sites where the safe removal and disposal of toxic waste is required.

We offer safe, environmentally acceptable solutions for the removal of Hazardous Waste. Hazardous waste is removed to an EA registered landfill site using our own fleet of vehicles. Lock Brothers ensure that all toxic waste is segregated and transferred in accordance with Integrated Pollution Prevention And Control (IPPC) standards.

Our experienced team work quickly, aiming to turn around contaminated sites within 48 hours. We are willing to work with your own specialists or consultants to satisfy all the requirements for safe disposal.

If you have a hazardous waste disposal problem, whether it's for a small demolition site or a large decommissioning project, contact our trained advisory staff and we can discuss the best way to remove it and what the cost implications are.

Lock Brothers staff can guide you through the complexities of Hazardous Waste legislation and prepare a specialised detailed quote for our services.

Site Clearance Services

Contact us with details of your requirements and we will give you a quote for site clearance services. We can also give you prices for any construction aggregate supplies you will need.

Send the Request a Quote form to receive a quote for clearance services for your site.

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