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Material Supplies

Aggregates Suppliers

Lock Bros (Haulage) Ltd are suppliers of construction aggregates. We can supply aggregates to sites located in London and Greater London, Essex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

We are committed to providing an efficient service to meet our customer's deadlines and make sure they experience no delays.

We supply the following aggregates from Primary and Recycled sources and can deliver all the commonly used aggregates used as construction materials:

* MOT Type 1 Sub Base
* MOT Type 2
* Class 6F1 Capping Layer
* Graded Crushed Concrete
* Tarmac Planning's (Type 4)
* 10 mm Shingle
* 20 mm Shingle
* Building Sand
* Sharp Sand

Primary Aggregates

We have access to a sources database which enables us to meet specifications for Primary Aggregates and ensure delivery is on schedule.

We supply Primary Aggregates (naturally occurring bulk materials such as rock, sand and gravel) from UK quarries or marine sources where they are extracted directly for use in aggregate markets.

Recycling Aggregates

Lock Brothers supply Secondary or Recycled Aggregates (previously used materials that are capable of being substituted for primary aggregates). These environmentally friendly materials can be safely used instead of Primary Aggregates to meet with construction specifications.

Our Recycled Aggregates are mainly materials produced from construction, demolition and excavated waste streams. They may also include the by-products of industrial processes such as steel slag or pulverised fuel ash from power stations.

Crushed rock fines and slate waste arising as a by-product of mineral extraction, is also readily available, either with or without further treatment. We supply mineral waste to sites as a primary aggregate substitute.

Graded Crushed Concrete

Lock Brothers are Crushed Concrete suppliers making sure volume Crushed Concrete is delivered on time to sites in London and also Essex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

It is an important part of our business meeting customers requirements for high Grade Crushed Concrete to various grades including the highest specification DOT (Department of Transport) certified material.

Aggregates – Supplied to Order

Lock Brothers guarantee to supply customers with the materials they require. Let us quote to your specification and give us the opportunity to prove just how efficient we are!

If you want to place an order for aggregates - call us on 01322 350 679